This event along with all games and contest are...



I HAVE A QUESTION? What is the best way to introduce yourself to the community? You throw one HECK-OF-A-PARTY and you invite the entire city to come over, that's how. I don't think there is an organization in the United States that can throw a party like GOD'S HOUSE can. So to compliment the finals of our 3on3 basketball tournament we would like to introduce Funfest. Funfest is a New York City Block Party, a Summer Concert, the County Fair, and a Game Show combined. Here is a list of the games and challenges we think will make this one of the greatest events of the summer. The best thing about these games is that they are all FREE to enter.

Couples 3-Legged Race

These couples are truly joined at the hip…literally. Watch them race to a $50 finish line (for couples only).

Adult Tricycle Relay Race

This should be as hilarious as it gets. Watch as corporate teams, profession & amateur athletes, along with us everyday folks race around a track on customized tricycles. The winning team will receive $200.

Trivia Pursuit

You don’t have to be a genius to test your knowledge of sports, movies, brain teasers, etc. Each question is worth $20 every time you get it right. Get it wrong and the money is gone. Quit at any time ($100 limit). Make it to $100 and get a Mega Question worth $100 more.

Gong Show

We’re recruiting contestants from the audience to be judged by the very audience they came from. If you think that you've got talent and you can survive for 90 seconds we'll give you $50. 

Horseshoes 4 Cash

2 horseshoes, 2 chances. Closest shoe to the peg gets $10. $20 if you get a ringer. The winner stays to compete in the next round (3 round limit). 

Basketball Obstacle Course

1st shot is worth $5. The dollar amount will double for ever shot made. You can stop at any time. Miss and we'll give you another chance, but miss again and lose everything. Complete the course and receive 1 free shot from ½ court. It’s worth $100 if you make it (age 13 and older).

Basketball 4 $$$

It’s all about the children. We let them shoot free throws worth $5 each, Quit at any time. If they make all 5 free throws they get a free shot to double the money (age 12 and under).

Potato Sack Race

A classic, fun filled race for all ages. $25 to the first one to cross the finish line.

Pie Eating Contest

This is a no-hands barred spectacle consisting of an iron will and an iron stomach. First one to finish their pie will win $25  

Raffle Mania

Everyone receives a free raffle ticket upon entering the park. Other tickets are available for purchase @ 3 for $10. There will be 5 drawings throughout the day. Gifts to include

               XBOX ONE-------------------60" FLAT SCREEN HDTV-------------------IPAD AIR-------------------GIFT CARDS/TICKETS

                                                                             ALL 4 GIFTS FROM THE PREVIOUS DRAWINGS

KMART                                                                       TARGET                                                                     LOWE'S
WALMART                                                                  FOOTLOCKER                                                           JACKSONVILLE GIANTS
RED LOBSTER                                                            BURLINGTON                                                            JACKSONVILLE SUNS
AMC MOVIES                                                             BB&B                                                                          JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS
BARNES & NOBLES                                                    HOME DEPOT                                                             and many more...  

Everyone will enjoy the stilt walkers, face painters, dunking booths and a whole lot more. We will also have a musical showcase featuring the best amateur talent around town and a surprise musical guest. Funfest will be hosted by a Radio personality and local disc jockey. We sincerely hope to see you out there because it is sure to be a rewarding experience.